A Politician's Journey, or...

Trying To Get Your Story Straight.

This website began due to the people that continue to follow Govenor Sarah Palin's claim that she was pregnant with and gave birth to a Down Syndrome baby as her fifth child, was a lie.  And this is my story on how I came to the conclusion...I believe that they are right.

During the election I first heard this story in November of 2008, after John McCain picked her as his running mate at the end of August.  I personally believed that the story should be filed under soap operas, fairy tales and Obama's birth certificate.  I quite frankly dismissed it.  Later I saw a picture posted of Sarah Palin that was dated April 13th, 2008 where she was talking to a reporter from Alaska Daily News where she looked very pregnant and I thought, 'Well, there you go, there was nothing to that rumour' and I didn't think anymore about it.  I never clicked on any links that mentioned it because I didn't believe the 'rumour'.  Also, Bristole Palin, her oldest daughter that the 'rumour' had suggested was the real mother, was announced by Govener Palin to be pregnant.   Again, I didn't think too much about it because I was so focused on the political issues that were at hand.

My first real red flag happened when her medical records were not released to the public until just a few hours before election day.  Then, ... there were no medical records.  There were only two pages from her doctor, and one of those pages just had the doctor giving a synopes of her own bio, the other page said basically that Sarah Palin was in good health, had five pregnancies and she didn't have anything wrong with her that would keep her from being Vice President.  It did note that her last pregnancy was at 35 weeks gestation.  I then thought, 'Are they kidding?  They withheld the so-called medical report until the last minute and then put this out?'  That is when I first started believing that something was wrong.

The second red flag was the information that Bristol Palin had been out of school for a few months in 2008 and maybe part of 2007.  Again, no real information can seem to be found regarding this.  Speculation has gone from 8 months to 4 months, but general consensus tends to be sometime in January until school ended.  The reason given for this has run from Mono to away classes to give as a rational to keep Bristol hidden away at her aunt's house.  To date, it has been reported that Bristol gave birth to a little boy that she has named Tripp.  The date given is Dec 27th, 2008 with the baby weighing 7 lbs, 8oz.  The due date was given as Dec 20th which would make the baby born at 41 weeks gestation.  If Bristol is the mother of Trig and had gotten pregnant again right away, the due date for a second baby, (if Trig was born on April 18th) would have to be toward the end of Jan or in Feb.  Speculation again is that both Bristol and the baby will be hidden away until that time if she is the mother of Trig.

The third red flag was the labor and delivery itself.  More on that in detail later but basically the story given by Palin was that while she was in Texas to give a speech at the RGA about energy, she had woken up at around 4:00am stating that her membranes had "started leaking".  She was pregnant at 35 weeks along, a high risk pregnancy being over 40 years of age, multigravida with 4 previous pregnancies and a known Down Syndrome baby.  Also, that she was having contractions that felt different than Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor).  She said by the time she called her doctor, things had, "settled down", and she decided to give the speech, get on a plane to fly from Texas back to Alaska (with a 2 hour layover in Seattle) and according to Palin, this was fine with her doctor.  Also, apparently, the airline staff was not able to tell she was pregnant.  If the picture of her taken on April 13 was the same way she looked boarding the airline, I don't see how they could not tell she was 'pregnant'.

Since I am a nurse who has done clinical work in OB and Postpartum, I would not have believed this part if I hadn't heard the actual audio interview that is posted on the Anchorage Daily News.  There are so many reasons that this is wrong that it will take a page all by itself.

The fourth flag, has been the very few pictures and the dates that those pictures were taken.  I will have a separate tab for them with explainations.  I will let you be the judge.  They are pretty damning evidence.

The fifth flag has been the many web sites changed and pictures and information removed from those sites just hours after Govener Palin was chosen to run for Vice President.  I don't know much about that since I got involved in this so late in the day, but there are many people who started to try to access information, only to find a few hours later that the site was no longer there or the information removed.  The few pictures that are now out are from those who saved the information right away.

While I am going to try and put the information out in a cohesive form, I would like to say thanks to the people who have been on top of this from the beginning.  One of the ones I now visit on a daily bases is the one run by 'Audrey'.  The name of her website is called 'Palin's Deception'  I will try to put a link to it.  I'm still new at this. 

Update: Audrey has stopped posting at 'Palin's Deception', but the information is still there to review.