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Sarah Palin presents, "Two Babies, One Surgical Repair of Ear(s)

After talking with friends and other bloggers, I have decided to show in as clear a picture as I can that there are two babies that are being presented as Trig. 
Again, giving credit where credit is due, Gryphen first broke the story that there are two babies that are being used interchangeably at his website, 'The Immoral Minority'. The title of the post is, A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin
When Gryphen first broke this story, he pointed out in the baby that we have begun the refer to as 'Ruffles' had a severe deformity of his right ear.  This was noticable in several of his early pictures.  The ones taken with Mercedes on her MySpace page, shows this, and most especially, the ones taken at a baby shower given to him by Kristen Cole.  Those pictures have been posted over and over again, so I don't feel there is a need to repost them at this time.  What is important to note is two bits of information that came out of this.  One, Gryphen had been told by otolaryngologist that surgery to a child's ear that showed this degree of deformity would not be performed before the age of 4 years old.  He had a follow up post to respond to commenters that there is a ear deformity called, 'Stahl's Syndrome', that is treated in the early weeks of life.  It involves simple sutures, molds and taping.  It is usually begun within the first few weeks of life.  In around six to 12 weeks, amazing differences can be seen.  No surgery is involved in this.
From what I have read, Gryphen is right.  Major surgery to the ear is not done until the child is older, but I believe one other small procedure was done mainly to help prevent ear infections.  I believe a very small piece of skin was place over the external auditory canal that was actually OUTSIDE the main external ear.  It can be seen beside the tragus.  I believe this was done to protect him from an increase in ear infections.  It would be a very simple procedure.  There would be one day to do the surgery, and if there are no infections or unforseen problems, he could heal without any sign of surgery done within a few days.  Because of the need to mold the baby's ear early to manipulate the cartiladge, and the need to help protect him from ear infections, this would have all been done well in advance of Sarah Palin's announcement as McCain's VP pick.


Sarah Palin presents child as 'Trig' at her baby shower


Close up of girl holding 'Trig' at baby shower

This is a young girl holding the baby that Sarah Palin is presenting as 'Trig' at her baby shower.

August 29th, 2008.  This baby is presented as 'Trig'.  He will be switched out in 5 days.

August 29th, 2008.  Sarah Palin is announced as VP pick for John McCain.  This picture of Bristol holding Trig is the perfect one to look at and show the deception 5 days later when, 'Round Ear', is subsututed for him.

Using those two pictures, the surgery is revealed.

And showing the same merge with the ear molding for Stahls' syndrome


And the most amazing part of this whole campain.  The switch that Sarah Palin felt comfortable comitting 5 days into the RNC.


More to Come!

I will post more later.  I have a theory about the two boys, but I want to make sure this is clear first.  I would like to thank Floyd, from Palin Babygate.  Thanks Floyd!