Two Babies? One Mother!

With the relatively new evidence that there are two babies being used by Sarah Palin, I have to admit, it has left me baffled.  It was hard enough to wrap my head around a person in the public eye being able to pull of a fake pregnacy, labor and delivery.  I can see how most normal, rational people would reject the idea of it.  It could only be done by someone who most likely would have some type of personality disorder.  A person who is very comfortable with lying,  manipulating and engaging in decepitful behavior.  People have suggested that Palin may have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  I believe they are right.  I worked for several years as a Psych RN.  Like the Antisocial Personality Disorder, (layman's term would be, Sociopath) they both have the ablility to be extremely charming and likeable to get what they want.  They are also alike in that they have very little emphathy for others no lack of remorse actions that may hurt others.
This link has a checklist to show how psychiopaths can be identified. Psychopath Checklist
The stories I could tell would stagger most people.  People who committed some of the most unbelieveable acts and crimes against others, if you met them, you would not believe they would be capable of it.  What Sarah Palin has done is nowhere near the worst story I have ever heard.  It is just the most public.  Having said that, if you didn't have the background that I have in dealing with Personality Disorders, I can understand why this is so 'out there' for most people.  I wanted to explain this before I went on to the next part of this post.  I have shown the evidence that was first shown by Gryphen at the Immoral Minority that there are two babies.  I have shown evidence that the two babies were switched out in as little as 5 days during the RNC, Sept 3rd, 2008.  As the title of my post shows, I believe that they are twins.  I will present the evidence and rational as why I believe it to be true.

Really? Twins!?

Once I accepted what I was seeing was real, I then needed to try to understand how this could be done.  I mean, it is one thing to accept all of the massive evidence that Sarah Palin was not pregnant, faked a pregnancy, labor and delivery in a hospital and started showing a child with Down Syndrone as her biological son.  It is another thing to try to accept that there are two babies being switched in and out of the public eye like a pair of shoes with two different mothers.  You would have to find two babies boys with Down Syndrone born at approximately the same time.  Those two mothers (both with son's born with Down Syndrone at very same time period) agree to give Sarah their babies to be used as needed.  I don't believe that is feasible.  I believe that there is only one mother.   

My nieces are identical twins.  They are normal in intelligence, but they had mild to moderate case of a condition that can happen with identical twins called, 'Twin-to-Twin Transfer Syndrone'.  The condition can range from being mild to severe.  With it, blood from one of the twins (called the donor twin) moves to the other twin (called the recipient twin) through the umbilical cord.  The donor twin is usually born smaller that the other twin, usually with paleness, anemia, and dehydration.  The recipient twin is born larger, with redness, too much blood, and increased blood pressure.  The unequal size of identical twins is referred to as discordant twins.
Studies have shown that with Trig 21, 89% of identical twins will share that disorder with their twin brother or sister.
With identical twins, almost anything can happen at any point in time during the development of the fetuses.  Twins can be conjoined.  One twin can absorb the other twin, even to the degree that no one knows there was a twin.  It may be found later if the person begins to have problems, and extra body parts are found in their body, such as teeth in their abdomen.  If identical twins have twin-to-twin syndrone, the enviromental conditions for one twin will be different than the enviromental conditions for the other twin.  This can explain why one twin can have severe birth defects that the other twin may not have.  The donor twin has a decreased blood suppy during it's developmental stage.  The recipient twin's heart has to work harder.  This twin may have cardiac conditions that can be related to it.
Incidence of Microtia,Possible Cause & Incidence This is a study that has shown that while heredity has played a part in this disorder, environmental factors also count.
McKenzie and Craig [72] and Poswillo [85] theorize that tissue ischemia (decreased blood flow) resulting from an obliterated artery is the cause of developmental auricular abnormalities. This speaks to the deformity being caused by a problem arising during the fetus' development rather than a hereditary problem. Interestingly, and in support of this theory, I have treated 10-12 patients with microtia who have a proven, identical twin with normal ears; I only have one set of identical twin patients where both twins have ear deformities.
In short, while this is only a theory, I believe it could answer many of the questions that have come up while following this story.  It fits all of the pictures and the evidence to this point in time.  Hopefully, there will be more evidence that comes forward that can either prove or disprove this theory.