What my OB GYN had to say

I had my annual appointment due with my gynecologist  doctor coming up and I had an idea regarding this whole Sarah Palin, was-she-pregnant-or-not-issue.  I wanted to show her pictures of the supposed 'pregnancy' and ask her opinion.  I was nervous about doing that because:

1. She, like most doctors, are extremely busy and can often be overbooked.  I didn't want to take up too much of her time if other women needed to see her.

2. I live in Northeast GA.  This is very much a bible belt, republican entrenched area.  Many can be quick to take offense over politics.  I have never spoken to my doctor about politics, so I didn't know how she might take those questions.

I decided to deal with it like this; I would have prints made that, in my view as a nurse, were the most striking to show she wasn't pregnant.  Also, I would cover Sarah's face and whomever she was with so that there would not be any 'pre-judgment' with any partisan leanings.  I felt this would be the best way to leave out politics, and instead, to focus on science.

So, in that time-honored position of feet-in-the-stirrups, I asked, "When you're done down there, would you mind looking at some pregnancy pictures that I had some questions about?"

Thankfully, she said, "Sure.' 

I covered all of the faces.

Just seeing the bottom of those pictues, many people are going to know which picture it is, but, amazingly, this isn't a well-covered story.  I felt like if my doctor had not been covering the blogs, she would not be familiar with those pictures.  I was right.  I cut up 4x6 index cards and taped them to the side when I took them to my doctor.  She had no idea who she was looking at.


This was the first picture I showed to her.  I asked, "In your professional opinion, is this woman 30 - 31 weeks pregnant.  She said, "I can't tell in this picture.  But from what I can see, she doesn't look pregnant at all."

3/18/08 lightened

The very next picture I showed her was this one.  I said, "Ok, now, this woman says she is 30 - 31 weeks pregant in this picture.  What do you think."

OB GYN: "There is no way this woman is  30 or 31 weeks pregnant.


I then showed her this one and said, "She says she is 31 - 32  weeks pregnant here." 

3/26/08 Close up and lightened

I also showed her this close-up of the picture.  She said, "I don't see how she can even begin to claim she is 30 weeks here." 

4/8/08  33-34 weeks

I then showed this picture of Palin with Elan Frank during his documentry filming.  I told my doctor that this picture was taken 12 days after the previous picture.

4/8/08 screen shot of same day.

I then showed her this one of the screen shot taken at the same time.  At this point she seemed dumbfounded and said, "Well, I can tell you it just doesn't work that way.  It is hard to tell in this picture, but this doesn't look like a pregnant belly at all!"

4/8/08  Screen shot lightened even more.

I showed her this one that had been lightened even more.  She shook her head and said, "No, this isn't pregnant looking belly.  This looks strange.  Sorta like a square-shaped pillow."  I thought it was funny that she used the exact words that other people have used to describe this picture.

April 13, 08

I told my doctor this picture was taken 5 days after the previous picture taken during the documentry.  She said, "This looks more like a real pregnant woman."  She then said, "What happened, did she get a better prosthetic?" 

April 13, 08 close up of belly.


I added in the close up here.  I said, "She is suppose to be 34 weeks here."  My doctor said,"Yes, in this picture I would say she appears to be 34 wks. 

I then put those 2 pictures side-by-side.

I put the picture taken on March 18th, 08 taken by Alaska Daily News where she is suppose to be 30 or 31 weeks pregnant beside the close-up of the picture taken on April 13,08 where she is suppose to be 34 weeks pregnant and asked her, "Is this in any way medically possible?"  Can a woman go from being very slender and thin with a flat abdomen to looking close to a normal sized 8 month pregnancy in 4 weeks?"

She said,"There is no way!"

My gynecologist's final word on the matter is that in her professional opinion  is that there is no way that this could be medically possible.  I then took all of the coverings off the faces in the pictures and showed her who it was.  She was shocked!  She said, "I can't believe more people don't know about this." 

The Challenge

If you are a female reading this, I challenge you to do the same thing.  I was a little scared and apprehensive about it, but I'm glad I did it.  Get your friends and family members to do it if they will.  If you are a guy reading this, maybe you can suggest it to your wife, girlfriend, female friends and/or female family members.  Then, somewhere, report your findings.  You can do it here or another good place to post it would be at 'Palin's Deception'.  There is a link to her blog section on my links page.

First of all, it doesn't matter which group you fall into, believe she was pregnant or don't believe she was pregnant, we will start to be able to get more professional OB GYNs looking at this and getting their input.  That is what we want right?  It doesn't matter what we WANT to believe, what we are trying to get at is the truth!!

Secondly, my doctor was shocked but glad that it had been drawn to her attention.  She said, "We need to know the histories of our political candidates to see what they are capable of doing.  If you are capable of lying about a pregnancy, there is no telling what else you're capable of doing." 

Third, since the media hasn't been doing there job reporting this, many doctors don't even know about it enough to realize what is going on.  If more doctors become aware of it, I believe that is when the story will finally get told with all of the facts laid out and this woman will not be able use or hide behind her children any longer.