Compare and Constrast with timelines

Here I will put pictures of Sarah Palin with a timeline and some compare and contrast pictures.  See for yourself!

Palin's 1st pregnancy. 40 wks?

This is a picture of Sarah Palin's 1st pregnancy when she was pregnant with Track.  I assume she is close to her 40 wk due date.  There is no date to this picture, but there has been no dispute that this is her.  Her sister Heather is to the left of her.  He is listed as being born in 1989.

Feb 5th, 2008  26 weeks.

This is taken on Feb 5th, 2008.  Palin would be at 26 weeks.  That would be between 6 and 7 months pregnant.

Feb 25th


This was taken on Feb 25, 08 at the National Goveners Conference.  This would be at approx 27-28 weeks gestation.

March 8th,08  29 weeks pregnant

Palin announced to her staff on March 6th that she was 7 months pregnant.  Understandably, the staff was shocked.  Palin stated, "I thought it was obvious with my clothes getting tighter." 

Here is a pic with her in her jacket with it zipped half-way up.  the top is open and gaping a little because she is leaning forward to she this man's hand.

March 8th,08.  Lower part of jacket.

March 14, 30-31 weeks pregnant.

This was taken on March 14, 08 when Palin endorsed Parnell for US congress.  She would be close to 8 months pregnant.

Same photo lightened exposure.

She gives birth to a 6 lb baby approx 1 month from this date.

March 26,08.  31-32 weeks.  The smoking gun pic.

This was taken in Juneau, Alaska when Palin signed House Bill 259 at the Alaska State Museum.

Close up of the abdomen. 32 weeks

Her jacket is open here again.  There does appear to be a pad beneath the shirt.

April 8th,08.  33 weeks pregnant.  12 days later

Israeli filmmaker named Elan Frank set out to make a documentary on exceptional women in the world and had Palin on as one of the women.  Look at the belly.  From flat to this in 12 days?

Same photo, lightened more.

This looks like a square-shaped pillow

5 days later, April 13th,08.  34-35 weeks pregnant.

This is the  last day of the Alaskan legislative session in April 2008.  This is stated to be April 13th on the state website.  This is the picture people have pointed to as 'proof' that Palin was pregnant.  





34-35 weeks





 March 26th,08.  32 weeks pregnant.

At 32 weeks, flat belly.  gives birth 24 days from now.

Pic of woman at 39 wks.

I have chosen this person who has a public blog out that keep weekly pictures taken of her in her 5th pregnancy as a compare and contrast.  As you can see, it is very similar to Palin in her first pregnancy.

Here is a link to her site:

This is 26 weeks

This is our compare pic at 26 weeks.

28 weeks gestation

7 months pregnant

2007. Not pregnant

Here is Palin wearing the same jacket in 2007 when she wasn't 'pregnant'. 

If she was pregant and her clothes were getting tighter, It is hard to belive that her clothes would hang exactly the same way at seven months pregnant as when she is not pregnant.

2007. Not pregnant.

Lower part of jacket.



This is 31 weeks pregnant.


Same photo with even higher exposure.

I can only guess that her jacket accidently came open this day.  Her stomach is completely flat.

March 26,08

Another pic on same day where Palin is signing the house bill with a group of Juneau-Douglas High School students watching,

32 weeks.  8 months pregnant


April 8th,08. 

Screen shot of belly.

Here she is thumping her odd square-shaped 'belly' 

Nichole Kidman. 33 weeks


Nichole Kidman. 33 weeks.  I put this in because everyone said Nichole Kidman was small with her pregnancy.  Not so!  Also, notice how round her belly is.

Close-up of April 13th photo.  34-35 weeks

35 weeks

'Suddenly', they are about the same size.

3 weeks later, April 13, 08.  Now has a belly.

Then she gives birth 5 days later. 

There are more pics!

There are more pics that address this.  I will post more later.  This has the best compare and contrast for the timeline.