I had my annual physical due with my gynocologist and I decided to ask her what she thought of the whole 'Sarah Palin was-she-pregnant-or-not' fiasco. I was nervous about it because I had no idea what my doctors reaction would be at those questions. 

I wanted to keep it scientific, not political, so I decided to print out the most relivent pictures of the group that has been posted and use those to ask the questions.  I tried to keep it down to just a few because I didn't want to take up much of her time.  I also decided to cover her face so that if she hasn't seen any of these pictures then she would have no idea who's picture she was seeing.  I wanted to get as honest a rection as possible and to just focus on, could this have been a real pregnancy.

Well, the results were extremely interesting and very relivent to the discussion of, 'was she or wasn't she'.  I invite you to go to the tab of ,'OB GYN shocked!' and see for yourself.