Audrey over at 'Palin's Deception' has a new posted blog where she discusses why she believes that the Bristol photo WAS taken in 2006.  Please either check out the blog link at the end of the Bristol photo 2006 link or 'Palin's Deception Blog' link on the links tab.  I feel to be fair and objective, all evidence must be considered.

However, I feel that unless we obtain more evidence about the photo, this one is still up in the air.

Thanks for all of the comments so far.  Any photo or information that you would like to send will be appreciated and looked at for posting.  I have been trying to switch over my email server and I'm having some problems with it.  I have been able to email some of the folks who have commented, but I haven't gotten to everyone yet so please bear with me and I will email you as soon as I am able to.

My goal for this web site is to develop a credible case to show that Gov Palin faked her last pregnancy.  Yes, there are many horrendous decisions that she made as a mayor and then the Govenor of Alaska, but to me, falsifying a pregnacy is an immense betrayal of the promised honesty she gave to her constituents. 

This, more than anything else she has done, continues to boggle my mind!