Audrey over at 'Palin's Deception' has a new posted blog where she discusses why she believes that the Bristol photo WAS taken in 2006.  Please either check out the blog link at the end of the Bristol photo 2006 link or 'Palin's Deception Blog' link on the links tab.  I feel to be fair and objective, all evidence must be considered.

However, I feel that unless we obtain more evidence about the photo, this one is still up in the air.

Thanks for all of the comments so far.  Any photo or information that you would like to send will be appreciated and looked at for posting.  I have been trying to switch over my email server and I'm having some problems with it.  I have been able to email some of the folks who have commented, but I haven't gotten to everyone yet so please bear with me and I will email you as soon as I am able to.

My goal for this web site is to develop a credible case to show that Gov Palin faked her last pregnancy.  Yes, there are many horrendous decisions that she made as a mayor and then the Govenor of Alaska, but to me, falsifying a pregnacy is an immense betrayal of the promised honesty she gave to her constituents. 

This, more than anything else she has done, continues to boggle my mind!

crystalwolf aka caligrl
2/3/2009 10:24:12 am

Just came from PD blog. Check out this pic feb 2008.. she doesn't look preggers here!

2/3/2009 10:39:19 am

For what it's worth, I'm not buying the button as the key clue that the whole picture sequence was from 2006. If more evidence is provided otherwise, I'll of course concede. I'm not a "crazy" conspiracy theorist either. This story is intriguing and I love following it- like a good mystery. I could careless if this babygate ruins Palin. Personally, I think the many OTHER -gates will lead to her demise faster.

Good for you not backing down. Your entitled to your opinion. :)

2/3/2009 10:42:19 am

Also- if it's indeed from 2006, I'd like to know how a 16 year old gained that much weight in such a short span of time. With a mother like Palin, I highly doubt Bristol did not have to face criticism on her looks/weight. 16 year olds have remarkable metabolism. Something had to be going down for her to gain it so quickly.

2/3/2009 10:54:12 am

another interesting site with man links...get if before it's gone

2/3/2009 12:15:13 pm

Rachel, true about the button. It could have been there for quite a while. Like ski lift tickets. After all, there are many people who collect political buttons and other types of badges.

There were interviews with 2008 RNC delegates on TV covered with such buttons - but no one had a Bush button! The shame.

2/4/2009 12:49:02 am

Living in colder weather climate myself, I have MANY jackets. My husband just pulled out a jacket the other day that he hasn't worn for YEARS. I know this because it had a ski lift ticket on it still and we haven't been skiing for at least 3 years. But I do wonder why no one would pluck the red button from the jacket before the photo shoot if that did indeed happen. Who knows though- it could have been a nostalgic thing. Or it could be from 2006. It's not so clear cut and I think it's somewhat careless to make it 100% case closed.

I would argue that if that button proved it was 2007, that "evidence" wouldn't be used to determine that it was 100% correct. They are much too careful at presenting inconclusive evidence, but I think it should be applied to both sides of the argument.

Also, I don't think people look like crazy theorists for exploring the images. Actually, that's my favorite part of this whole pregnancy mess. They certainly tell more than the "theories" do. So keep on doing what your doing. It's appreciated!

Littl' Me
2/4/2009 03:18:53 am

Teal: Could you make a tinyurl out of your link? I cannot access it...

(Go to, paste in your link, and they will make a small tinyurl for you (FWIW, the page that pops up, asking to access your desktop or whatever - just click 'no', and it goes to the created-link site)

Littl' Me
2/9/2009 09:14:44 am

Well, FWIW, I have taken the liberty to fw your blog about the OBGYN to;)

I hope they will finally wake up and start doing a sincere investigation into this story.
After all, the last eight years are behind us, and we have a new President - one who is more open to opposing viewpoints.
Hopfully that fact will rub off on the MSM, too.

Littl' Me
2/16/2009 06:10:42 am

There is a new pic up on gretawire - Greta V.S. blog. Shows Bristol holding a - IMHO - very young infant, NOT a SIX WEEKS old one!

4/21/2009 10:40:56 pm

I would like to appreciate the efforts you have made in writing this article and i am hoping the same good work from you in the future as well.

8/3/2009 06:29:32 pm

I tried to make a comment by registering a username and such but no link. Perhaps add a email address or "contact us" link so folks can easily contact you without making comment. when I went to the sign-up link it looked more like assumed I wanted to create a blog versus a user name to post here. So make that clearer. I go to frequently and add my input as I am concerned about this fraud, Palin as a politician and I am an Alaskan resident. For a newcomer to the blog posting wall-YOU DID incredible. The experiment with the photos shown to doctor and the side by side shots of Palin versus real pregnancy is what many have been asking Audrey to do. So, Bravo. I would add the date that McCain won the vote and how the next day Palin announced "her pregnancy" to astonished staff, family and Alaskans.The photos always showing big scarfs despite liking fashion. The jackets she wore were same as when not pregnant days. The bizarre new habit of wearing outdoor jackets inside when photos taken despite what others were wearing.I would add the statement from her dad and self about the Wild Ride from Texas and jeopardizing infant's birth and dragging him to work three days after allegedly returning from hospital. Your other categories are good, correct typos-Bristol has no e. good common sense blog.I love how medical women are giving logical input into this hoax of Palin. Keep it up, I feel bad for the kids in this clan.

8/3/2009 06:44:05 pm

In the Bristol green sweater bump shot...I believe Palin is wearing a vest made by a company from Alaska. If you edit the shot or zoom into the blue fleece vest only...then email this small company and ask them when that design was sold. Seriously-don't say it connects to a question about Palin or show their faces. Just google: copper river fleece. I believe when she gave her farewell speech in Fairbanks she was wearing a jacket by them. This is just a good guess.If you had a Contact Us button to click on or email link, I could have kept this private for the surprise element just like you did with doctor photos versus comment on the blog.Then find out what year that vest could have been purchased, maybe you can find out if it relates to dating shot. Why does Bristol appear in formalized shot wearing what looks like torn jeans? (whit spot below green sweater) Was she revolting along with her hands so we would all see she was preggers?

12/3/2009 12:37:38 am

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Can you please contact me asap regarding your gyn photos. We would like to republish your post and the photos.

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5/26/2010 09:18:34 am

Did you reply to patrick above back in December? I know that they have published a lot of the pics of Sarah (not pregnant) and Bristol looking preg over the months. If you are checking in for comments and you see mine, take a look at Bristol's latest photos. She's looking pudgy again.

5/27/2010 09:20:07 am

I didn't realize patrick had written to me in December. I usually use charter, not gmail, and even then lots of stuff gets lost in the junk file. When I did look, I wrote back, but by then, several weeks had gone by. I did write though and say that I am more than happy to let him post whatever he would like to post on his site. I read his blog and Immoral Minority everyday. They are amazing.

I will check out Bristol's pics today. Thanks for the heads up!

If I don't reply to your email or posting. I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just not as good at keeping up a web site or blog on a daily bases. I only check out comments that have been posted or my gmail a few days after a new post or on an occasional bases.


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