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1/20/2009 01:43:53 am

great job....adding you to my fav's...passing on the site address too!

we have to keep peeling away the layer of lies, SP will be exposed.

1/20/2009 05:36:13 am

Hi, Excellent layout of website and info. Do you have an email I can send you a note on some info I had sent Audrey a while back about the Palin family photo with Bristol in the green sweater? I did not recieve a reply from Audrey, but it was at the time when a lot of people were revisting that photo and questioning the date.

1/20/2009 07:52:33 am

Looks nice!

I added you to my favorites too!

Happy Inauguration Day!

1/21/2009 11:35:21 am

Here's another website with a lot of information that your readers may find useful:

1/25/2009 01:28:49 pm

I think you should add the comparison pics from "Grandma Maggies" site of Piper for the 2006 vs. 2007. got your email will reply soon.

2/2/2009 03:27:29 am

Please contact me at the above e-mail address.

Also, I suggest that you mail a copy of your ob gyn pictures to Beth Kerttula, Alaska State Capitol room 404 Juneau AK 99801
If you will go to the Mudflats blog you can learn all about the lawsuits she has brought against Palin. I wrote her an e-mail over the weekend telling her I was sending a hard copy package of pictures, but your are far better and with the doctor's comments you present a VERY STRONG case.

I've known from day one that Palin was lying. If you will e-mail me I will tell you all about myself. My don went to North Georgia College in Dahlonega.

If you wish to keep yourself anonymous that's fine with me. Just get a g-mail account. I have lots to tell you.

2/2/2009 12:16:58 pm

It's good to see growing interest in the lies of SP...LOVE the name of your blog...made me laff.

Can we send picture to you for posting?

2/2/2009 12:23:12 pm

The story of your OB-Gyn reviewing the pictures and being SO dead certain about what we all believe, too -- cleverly done test, keeping the "belly" anonymous -- remarkable, Deb, good work!

2/2/2009 01:26:09 pm

Excellent work, Deb!

If I still went to an OB/GYN, I'd attempt doing the same kind of thing you did. I just don't see how a professional could possibly look at those pics and NOT come to the same conclusions as your doc did!

Being one of the "47 million" uninsured, my medical care consists of visiting an extremely busy poor folks clinic, and I only go there when it's necessary, to get my BP meds re-ordered.

2/2/2009 01:29:29 pm

Well, you changed my mind. I knew from the wild ride that Palin did not experience any water breaking. I have twice and my mouth dropped open when I heard that story. I really wanted to believe that Bristol was not the birth mother. But the picture in the green shirt...I have looked at it so many times, but the date said 2006. I thought maybe birth control pills, or period. And another thing that I noticed when you placed those two pictures of Bristol together, and that is Piper. That means that the photo must be much later, in 2007.

Thanks for all your work...and I do hope you will forward as requested above.

2/2/2009 06:23:45 pm

Very interesting, but this will have more credibility if you sort out the errors you've made with dates in your introduction. You say you first heard the story in November <b>2007</> after McCain chose Palin as his running mate - that's an obvious error.

2/2/2009 08:18:34 pm

Interesting and disturbing, but proves nothing. Women bloat up and swell and increase size differently depending on the child they carry. The process is not uniform. You know that surely? The more obvious photos are worthless because we only have your word about their dating. You'll have to do better if you want this to be taken seriously.

2/2/2009 11:13:14 pm

"bloat up and swell"

interesting terms to's NOT the woman who is "bloating up and swelling" it's the 'GROWING' baby, the stomach is a reflection of whats going on in the womb...

And really were that the case with SP, [the bloat up and swell - thingy], she really needs to be declared "The 8th Wonder of the World!"

See really once the child starts growing, it DOES NOT REDUCE IN SIZE...either it reaches it's birth weight or it keeps growing. [Live birth of course], it does not go on a diet, gain or loose weight. And while SP may have been doing her exercise & walking 3 miles a day, the baby would still grow and SO WOULD SPs STOMACH...

...just sayin' as a Mom of three.

Anyone who has seen, held or even given birth knows that a newborn the size of the baby SP claimed to have given birth to - knows that a baby that size is actually the very reason why a flat-stomach-SP 'is not' the birth Mom.

By the way, the photos are available on the internet - with dats, as loads of them as from newspapers or events covered by the media.

Littl' Me
2/3/2009 04:20:39 am

Great job, Deb! Keep it up! I LOVE your OB/GYN story! (Wish that MK had been able to post something like that.)

Just a friendly reminder: DO NOT reveal your idendity! See what happened to MK...

Littl' Me
2/3/2009 04:23:38 am

Deb, would you please give Margot my email addy, too. Thanks. I would be very interested in her take on this all.

2/3/2009 06:09:13 am

Thank you Deb,
It was great to read your chronology of your interest in the story. Mine was very similar. Things just got weirder and weirder.
Your photo collage is the best I've seen, and the most convincing. In some blogs this type of comparison gets lost in the tirades.
What becomes very interesting now is the number of accomplices that are involved, changing stories and dates.
Some, ADN for example, seem to count on a level of public trust. The doctor certainly counts on a level of personal trust. If Palin is actually able to manipulate so many, she becomes much more fearful than I have ever imagined.
If she's been telling the truth all along, it's as easy as providing some clear evidence.

Thanks for your efforts to keep this issue of credibility out there.

2/3/2009 10:26:10 am

SP tried to dismiss the bloggers of the world [well those spreading the word about her..'make-believe' birthin' story included]. I say, were she really able to dismiss any of the postings, she would have done so by now. [Hint: look out, I'm sure she'll come up with some story at a later date].

I don't think that she gets it - at all...that 'just' because she says it happened, does not make all ppl believe that she speaks the truth.

She's said so much that was later proven 'not true...or she leaves out some detail that would show her in an unfav' light...well that very thing equals a 'whole lie', [not a half-truth: no such thing].

For SP to [start] telling the truth, she would first of all have to be willing to tell 'the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

She needs to stop dancing around the truth - cause she's not a good dancer.

Littl' Me
2/3/2009 10:43:55 am

Well, I guess further proof that she is not telling the truth is the fact that she lied brazenly to the RNC about not being able to come to DC this weekend, because she could not leave Alaska in the middle of the legislature... and then she shows up in DC at the $200/plate by-invitation-only dinner, probably on the invitation of Malek...

2/14/2009 09:57:21 am

Well, I have a problem with the picture of Bristol as well.

There are two pictures of the three Palin girls at the governor's mansion that were dated 12-08-06 shortly after SP was elected governor. Now, take those two pictures, than the one with Bristol in the green top and then the other family picture with Track made in Juneau. That should be chronological. And there is a picture from the Alaska State Fair which was held Aug 21-Sept 1, 2007, with Willow and SP (pinkish blazer) and Willow looks the same age as in the picture made in Juneau. Now, two girls in the other family picture have on short sleeved tops...summer?!

And I have a problem with the pictures of Trig as well. First, we have a picture of Sadie with Trig...then with grandma at the hospital. Yet, the baby grandma is holding looks older than the one Sadie is holding. Gets stranger ... take the one from the cover of US Weekly magazine, which I think was dated 05-09-08, which shows SP and Trig both wearing the exact same outfits as the baby shower which was supposedly held on 05-05-08. Trig on the magazine cover looks 6+ weeks old...over a pound heavier than the one Sadie is holding. I am beginning to think that Trig was born well before that wild ride which was to make everyone believe SP actually had a baby and since SP was in Anchorage/Wasilla area from March 14-27, 2008...well, maybe that is why. Thus, if the child happens to be Bristol's than the two family pictures may both actually show Bristol is the mother.

Putting all the pictures up side by side and checking the children's features will tell alot about the timing of the pictures. Hats, blankets and big hands covering the baby seem to be distractions.

Please keep up your excellent work on this project!

2/17/2009 04:00:39 pm

Deb, I have to admit, when all this baby conspiracy stuff started up, I thought, wow, there are some weird and cruel people in this world. I actually defended the Palins. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that the Gov would go to such bizarre lengths to hide her daughter having a baby. But as time went on, I came to realize that something strange had happened, I just wasn't sure what, because I didn't have a handle on different time lines and didn't realize some of the things that had gone on like Bristol transferring to West High, but apparently not attending school there for long. After reading a few of the sites such as yours, things started clicking.

The most obvious thing to me was that Sarah Palin could have put a stop to all these stories any time she wanted by producing a birth certificate and proving all the conspiracy theorists to be loonies. But she hasn't. If she truly delivered Trigg as in the story that was reported, what does she have to lose by producing a birth certificate? Nothing, but the whole family has everything to gain. To me, that says that a birth certificate would blow the lid off things and damage her credibility forever. That's the same reason I believe she hasn't released the e-mails and all the testimony in the Troopergate affair.

But for her to go to such lengths as to fake a pregnancy and a delivery, there had to be a bigger reason than to protect her daughter from what people might think. After all that didn't come into play with the pregnancy that resulted in Tripp. (Unless she just plain figured she'd never get away with a second fake pregnancy)

So who was she protecting if she actually faked the pregnancy of Trigg? Could it be Trigg himself? I have two theories on how that could be, but don't have enough inside info to figure which if either could be true.

The first is..... Trigg is supposed to be a Downs Syndrome baby. Maybe they were just gonna let Bristol cool for a while when she was sent to her Aunt's and announce late in the pregnancy she was expecting. Then in the meantime, during prenatal exams they discovered the Downs Syndrome. Now would Bristol have been financially able to care for a Downs Syndrome baby? Did she have insurance that would have helped get him the best care? Would Sarah's coverage with the State have covered her daughter's son and his problems? If not, maybe Sarah and Todd decided To fake the pregnancy and adopt Trigg to get Trigg covered under Sarah's insurance. As strange as that would be, it makes some sense. I can also see why they wouldn't want it to be public info. Might not play well with the constituents.

The second theory is that Trigg might not be a Downs Syndrome baby, but a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby, with the rest of the theory basically the same as the first. From her MySpace account, we know Bristol did a lot of partying and drinking. Maybe a lot of it happened before she realized she was pregnant resulting in a FAS baby. I can see where the family would want to cover that up too.

Anyway, just some thoughts that I never thought I would ever contemplate. But the actions of the Palins just don't add up including the story of Sarah's "pregnancy".

If they are really honest and really wanted people to shut up and leave them alone, there is no reason not to release both birth certificates.

One last thought. Sherry Johnston. She would appear to be the weak link in all these stories especially as she appears to be persona non grata with the Palins. I'm still wondering where she got the money to hire Rex Butler to defend her on the drug charges when she was so poor she needed a public defender. Could she have gone to the Palins and gotten them to help her get a "better" lawyer, to keep her mouth shut about what she knows?

I'm starting to sound like a crackpot now.

2/22/2009 02:12:21 am

I have to agree that Trig may be fetal alcohol syndrome I worked in the chemical dependency field for about 20 years and hav some expeience with fetal alcohol and would suggest that Trig is an FAS child due to the partying ways of Bristol

and all of a sudden the Palin family are teen sexuality experts saying the abstinence doen't work....If people talk about sexual issues as a family sometimes these things can be avoided, but it appeared that the only topic discussed was abstinence and as SP knows from her first pregnancy that you do get pregnant with unprotected intercourse....if young people are brought up that there's only one way to deal with sexuality such as abstinence, then they may not be prepared to deal with the pressures or lack of self control brought on by the use of alcohol or other drugs, just saying

Littl' Me
2/25/2009 03:46:51 am

I don't know about FAS... Trig looked very much like a DS baby in the GVS interview, with his tongue sticking out, and his eyes bugging... Also, his head is not small like a FAS baby would be, IMHO...


I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time... however it was another joy to see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even
professionals. I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.
Great stuff as usual....


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