I am currently trying to get dates on pictures and working towards getting higher resolutions on damning pictures that I'm going to post.
I have to say though, it's beginning to become painful. 

When Gryphen first broke this story, and I found collaborating pictures  on the web of well-attended events, my first feelings were being amazed and dumb founded.  It was, 'OMG, It's really true!'. 

But as I have had time to think about it, the really important part of this story has started to take hold with me.  The part that is about two children.  Two children who are forced to share one identity, one name.  The part that says, 'You are a thing to be used.  You don't matter, you don't count'. 

You don't even get to have your own name...

This is what is beginning to sink in. 
5/1/2010 08:03:17 am

4Truth said...
Proof that Ruffles & baby presented at the RNC as Trig are either the same child or twins. Compare the foot of Mercedes holding Ruffles taken May 3, 2008 @ to the foot of Trig at the RNC on August 29, 2008 @ Notice how unusually long the big toe is and how all the other toes are all the same length, short and stubby. That foot is highly unique.

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5/1/2010 10:36:51 am

Don't know where to leave this comment, but it seems Bristol has admitted in court that she had a 'newborn baby' by the time $arah's email account got hacked into, September '08 ... which only can mean that she has TWO babies, Tripp (born Dec.'08), and either Trig or Ruffle-ears...

5/1/2010 11:31:58 pm

I was able to get to the pic of Mercedes that you were taking about, but not the one of Aug 29th at the RNC. Do you have another link to that pic?
The one with Mercedes looks like the big toe on the right foot and the toe next to it are of equal length.

I saw that post at Immoral Minority which had me going, "Oh yeah! She slipped up." But then I remembered that Gryphen has said that there are folks who are in the know that have said it is not Sarah's baby(ies), but it's not Bristol's either.

I don't know what to think there!

5/2/2010 03:10:15 am


Look at the right foot of the baby (Ruffles) that Mercedes is holding. Then compare it to the left foot of the baby (Trig) Sarah is holding. If you can't find that photo using the link I provided before, go to and look for the photo of Sarah holding Trig. Sarah is wearing a blue zip-up hoodie and trig is wearing a brown & white striped long sleeved t-shirt.

By the way, I cut & pasted the link in my first comment to you, and it worked fine fo me. But if all else fails, go to Palingates & do a search under Trig. That is where I found that photo. It was a photo taken on the book tour.

5/10/2010 04:49:21 am

Deb, do you have a close-up of the ear showing in the picture of Todd, Sarah holding Trig, John, and Cindy?

It's possible Ruffles had one ruffled and one rounded ear. Maybe there's a picture showing both of Trig's ears at once, at least enough to see if they match.

5/17/2010 06:21:24 am

Glad I checked this blog today. Please keep up this work. I forget to check here and did not realize you had an additional post from the last time I was here. Please keep up the work on the babies. I think there was (is) more than one Trig because I thought I could see differences in size but it is subtle, so I am not absolutely sure. Also the color of his hair (again, sometimes I have told myself it could be the lighting at the time the picture was taken). Still. Please, if you have a file of pictures of him from the RNC, the book tour, etc. compare when you have the time. Thank you.


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