I rarely post updates because there are already many people posting that do a much better job than I could do, I generally just watch their blogs everyday.  I will post if I feel that I may have something new to add to the discussion or information, as I did when I reported what my OB-GYN doctor had to say about the pictures of Sarah Palin's 'pregnancy'.  But now I think I may have something to add to the mysterious pregnancy/baby(ies) story.

Gryphen, the blogger who writes at 'Immoral Minority', broke new information that called even more questions into the baby story.  If you haven't read it yet.  I would say read that first before you go any further.  What I will talk about builds on that.  Then, read the second post he did that goes further in depth.  It just amazes me!
then look at:

There is another link to his website on my links page for his home page on the 'Immoral Minority'.

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