I am currently trying to get dates on pictures and working towards getting higher resolutions on damning pictures that I'm going to post.
I have to say though, it's beginning to become painful. 

When Gryphen first broke this story, and I found collaborating pictures  on the web of well-attended events, my first feelings were being amazed and dumb founded.  It was, 'OMG, It's really true!'. 

But as I have had time to think about it, the really important part of this story has started to take hold with me.  The part that is about two children.  Two children who are forced to share one identity, one name.  The part that says, 'You are a thing to be used.  You don't matter, you don't count'. 

You don't even get to have your own name...

This is what is beginning to sink in. 
I have more evidence that shows the baby switch at the RNC besides other photos that proves that Sarah Palin is interchanging 2 babies that she is presenting as  her 5th born child.  I'm putting it together now and will be posting this week.
I finished the post last night.  Gryphen, from 'Immoral Minority', information is listed first in a condensed form.  The picture that shows he was right is towards the end of the post.  To view it, click on the post, '2 BABIES? YES, HERE'S PROOF!
I rarely post updates because there are already many people posting that do a much better job than I could do, I generally just watch their blogs everyday.  I will post if I feel that I may have something new to add to the discussion or information, as I did when I reported what my OB-GYN doctor had to say about the pictures of Sarah Palin's 'pregnancy'.  But now I think I may have something to add to the mysterious pregnancy/baby(ies) story.

Gryphen, the blogger who writes at 'Immoral Minority', broke new information that called even more questions into the baby story.  If you haven't read it yet.  I would say read that first before you go any further.  What I will talk about builds on that.  Then, read the second post he did that goes further in depth.  It just amazes me!
then look at:

There is another link to his website on my links page for his home page on the 'Immoral Minority'.