This is a follow to my post, 2 Babies, 1 Mother. 

When Gryphen, at The Immoral Minority, first posted about the evidence showing that there was more than one baby, everything just clicked into place.  It explained so much!  Including the apparent difference in the size of the babies, taken just days apart.

Since I have gone over most of the information in the post, I won't say much more except to reiterate that if there are two babies, I believe that they must be twins.  Why?

1. I believe it is too far fetched to believe that there are two baby boys, both born with Down Syndrome, born approx the same time, to two different mothers, and that BOTH of the mothers would agree to give Sarah Palin their sons to be used as one baby.  A baby she would present to the world as her biological son that she would call, Trig.  I'm not sure why one mother would allow this to happen, but I cannot believe that two different mothers would be ok with this.  Also, while it might be possible to keep one woman quiet, trying to keep two women quiet about something this insane would be extremely difficult.

2. Obviously, if there is just one mother, then the babies are twins.  I believe they are identical twins because if they were fraternal twins, the chances that they would both have Down Syndrome would be much lower.  Down Syndrome is a chromosome disorder.  Identical twins have the exact same DNA.  Also, if you look back at the pictures I provide on my posts of the baby switch, you can see on the face of the two babies that they look very much alike.  If it were not for the ears, it would be hard to tell them apart.  In fact, if they are identical twins, it may be the reason that Palin felt secure enough to switch them.  Why not?  They look exactly alike!  Of course, she didn't take into account cameras with high resolution, long-range lens!

I'm looking forward to hearing any other thoughts on the matter.
I am currently trying to get dates on pictures and working towards getting higher resolutions on damning pictures that I'm going to post.
I have to say though, it's beginning to become painful. 

When Gryphen first broke this story, and I found collaborating pictures  on the web of well-attended events, my first feelings were being amazed and dumb founded.  It was, 'OMG, It's really true!'. 

But as I have had time to think about it, the really important part of this story has started to take hold with me.  The part that is about two children.  Two children who are forced to share one identity, one name.  The part that says, 'You are a thing to be used.  You don't matter, you don't count'. 

You don't even get to have your own name...

This is what is beginning to sink in. 
I have more evidence that shows the baby switch at the RNC besides other photos that proves that Sarah Palin is interchanging 2 babies that she is presenting as  her 5th born child.  I'm putting it together now and will be posting this week.
I finished the post last night.  Gryphen, from 'Immoral Minority', information is listed first in a condensed form.  The picture that shows he was right is towards the end of the post.  To view it, click on the post, '2 BABIES? YES, HERE'S PROOF!
I rarely post updates because there are already many people posting that do a much better job than I could do, I generally just watch their blogs everyday.  I will post if I feel that I may have something new to add to the discussion or information, as I did when I reported what my OB-GYN doctor had to say about the pictures of Sarah Palin's 'pregnancy'.  But now I think I may have something to add to the mysterious pregnancy/baby(ies) story.

Gryphen, the blogger who writes at 'Immoral Minority', broke new information that called even more questions into the baby story.  If you haven't read it yet.  I would say read that first before you go any further.  What I will talk about builds on that.  Then, read the second post he did that goes further in depth.  It just amazes me!
then look at:

There is another link to his website on my links page for his home page on the 'Immoral Minority'.


Audrey over at 'Palin's Deception' has a new posted blog where she discusses why she believes that the Bristol photo WAS taken in 2006.  Please either check out the blog link at the end of the Bristol photo 2006 link or 'Palin's Deception Blog' link on the links tab.  I feel to be fair and objective, all evidence must be considered.

However, I feel that unless we obtain more evidence about the photo, this one is still up in the air.

Thanks for all of the comments so far.  Any photo or information that you would like to send will be appreciated and looked at for posting.  I have been trying to switch over my email server and I'm having some problems with it.  I have been able to email some of the folks who have commented, but I haven't gotten to everyone yet so please bear with me and I will email you as soon as I am able to.

My goal for this web site is to develop a credible case to show that Gov Palin faked her last pregnancy.  Yes, there are many horrendous decisions that she made as a mayor and then the Govenor of Alaska, but to me, falsifying a pregnacy is an immense betrayal of the promised honesty she gave to her constituents. 

This, more than anything else she has done, continues to boggle my mind!


I had my annual physical due with my gynocologist and I decided to ask her what she thought of the whole 'Sarah Palin was-she-pregnant-or-not' fiasco. I was nervous about it because I had no idea what my doctors reaction would be at those questions. 

I wanted to keep it scientific, not political, so I decided to print out the most relivent pictures of the group that has been posted and use those to ask the questions.  I tried to keep it down to just a few because I didn't want to take up much of her time.  I also decided to cover her face so that if she hasn't seen any of these pictures then she would have no idea who's picture she was seeing.  I wanted to get as honest a rection as possible and to just focus on, could this have been a real pregnancy.

Well, the results were extremely interesting and very relivent to the discussion of, 'was she or wasn't she'.  I invite you to go to the tab of ,'OB GYN shocked!' and see for yourself.

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